Architectural Birdhouses Unlimited




Easy Care and Cleaning Instructions


-   If desired, install on a standard 4 x 4 post. Recommended 8’ post. The birdhouses will sit nicely on this post in any area of your yard. 

-   Clean seasonally from October 1st – October 31st annually.

-   Store during off season for extended life.

-   April 1st – Oct 31st is your typical nesting season for your feathered friends.

-          Enjoy watching your new friends!!



-      Do not add feed to birdhouse to attract the birds.

-   Bird feeders should be kept at least 30 - 50 feet from your bird houses.  

-  Do not modify or install roosting perches around the holes of the birdhouse.


Your new birdhouse will attract common small birds, brown sparrows, gold finches, tree swallows, blue birds,and many more.